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Pillar To Post is always committed to the health and well-being of our clients and homeowners, as well as our inspectors. This is especially true during this time of Covid-19. We remain highly focused on providing the highest quality home inspection while adhering to the strict safety and cleanliness guidelines provided by the CDC and local governments. While our processes may have changed, our commitment to Ensuring Confident Homeownership has not. Our job is not complete until you no longer have questions concerning the home you have asked Pillar To Post to inspect.

Thirty-three is a young age to become a successful business owner, but for Pillar To Post Home Inspectors franchisee Tyler Burley, the timing was perfect to launch his franchise career. “The biggest benefit of being a young owner is you have less financial responsibilities: no kids yet, no crazy bills, and I have the freedom to take risks in the business, and if it fails, I won’t ‘lose the house,’” explains Burley.

Burley’s chosen franchise, Pillar To Post, is a Canadian home inspection franchise, a service most people consider necessary when purchasing a new home. Burley’s background is in construction, but he also has nine years of sales experience. “My sales experience helps me converse with the clients and make sure they’re comfortable during what is a very stressful situation,” he says.

His search for a suitable franchise employed a familiar tool: “The idea of buying a Pillar To Post franchise came from the CFA website,” says Burley. He used the search function to narrow down franchises that were at his chosen investment level and in his area. He already knew that he wanted to become a franchise owner, and he had some knowledge of the brand from a few years ago, when Pillar To Post did a home inspection for a townhouse he purchased. “They were highly recommended by a friend and my agent. The inspector I used was fantastic, and it left a memorable impression on me,” he says.  Read more

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